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One frontend architecture with endless possibilities

Step into the future with Islands — Astro's next-gen frontend architecture. Supercharge your development with automatic JS-to-HTML streaming and a beloved developer experience.

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Content-first websites

Fetch data from your CMS or work locally with type-safe Markdown and MDX APIs. Astro automatically removes unused JavaScript and renders to HTML for better core web vitals, conversion rates and SEO.

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Web applications & APIs

Build and embed powerful client-side web applications (SPAs, PWAs) when you need them. Align your backend APIs and frontend code together in the same Astro codebase. Author in React, Svelte, Vue, and more.

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Astro has been downloaded millions of times by developers all over the world to build amazing websites.


Build personal and professional blogs with Astro's built-in Markdown support and content APIs.

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Stand out from the crowd with a lightning fast site that ranks higher in SEO.

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Agencies use Astro to build fast websites, faster. Customize every site with full control over your frontend code.

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Time is money. Give your customers a better shopping experience and grow your business faster.

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Put your best foot forward with a portfolio that performs. Help people get to know you (and your work) faster.

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Full speed

Islands optimize your website like no other web framework can. Leverage Astro's unique page load performance to improve conversion rates, Core Web Vitals, and SEO.











Zero to website in whoa

Designed for your favorite UI library

Keep using your favorite UI framework and existing UI components in Astro. Migrate from Create React App to Astro in minutes.

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